Working as a CAD designer for Interior Design firms, I recognized the limited nature of 2D CAD drawings. They get the point across but in a very minimal way. I started BSCOTT manufacturing to give designers better tools they can use to make a great impression on their client and make smarter design decisions. 

Our 3D models are designed to be used with your client to help them visualize their space and help take your presentations to the next level. Having worked in the jewelry business as well, I understand the importance of high quality. We took our time in selecting materials that look crisp and high end. A flimsy computer printout doesn’t compare to our 3D prints. Be it 3D printed floor plans / furniture or 3D printed millwork. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out, we are here for you. We hope you have a blast with your 3D prints!

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