CAD design service
CAD design service
CAD design services

Bridging the gap between designer and engineer.

With a passion to make designs come to life, B. Scott Manufacturing is here to help. From tooling, to custom jewelry/hobby designs, to prototyping services. We specialize in CAD design services but also have a deep manufacturing knowledge. If we see fit we can tap into our third party manufacturers to further your project.

As a fellow designer himself, Brandon Scott understands the need for high precision and quality. B.Scott Manufacturing was founded as a bridge to help designers and hobbyists navigate their way to a finished product. We too often come across professionals who don’t understand a designers idea or worse yet don’t care. As designers ourselves, we reject that. Whether it’s CAD services or manufacturing services, every project is treated with open curiosity. This allows us to think outside the box and be innovative when needed. Privacy is also taken very seriously. Before starting our work a Non Disclosure form will be signed. Please reach out to find more about how we can help.



3D printing can take the most complex designs and make them come to life. Whether it be 3D printing for jewelry/hobby designs, prototypes, or tooling we have your back. Creating CAD designs and turning them into 3D prints is our specialty. We work with only the highest quality most trusted 3D printing services. Common materials are Nylon (Black or Grey), Plastic (Multi Colored), Wax like (For Jewelry) plus many more. 


We will turn your vision into a workable CAD model that can be manufactured. With years of experience in the Jewelry industry, working in the manufacturing as well as design end, we will help guide you in your creative endeavor.  Please note, we currently don’t work with any jewelry designs involving stones. 


It’s important in the design process to test out your ideas. We understand the need for accurate prototypes and can help make that possible. 


Whether it’s tools for bending, cutting, or assembly we love these jobs. Often these projects can be the most innovative and require creative solutions.


Initial sketch/inquiry is sent to us

We assess your overall design ideas and see if we will be able to provide the best service.

CAD Design Communication

Assuming we are a match, we will go over each and every need you require. It’s important to know the details and how you envision your design coming to life. This will guide us in how we create our CAD design.

CAD Work Begins: ETA 1 Week

Once we are on a firm footing we will begin our CAD work. All CAD work is priced on a fixed basis per complexity of the project. We include 2 revisions in this fixed price but will accommodate as needed. 


If applicable we will tap into our third party manufacturers to further the development of your project. From 3D Printing to Casting to Laser Cutting there are numerous options to get the job done.